Throughout Clackmannanshire, Fife, Perth and the Central Region belt Tayler Morgan provides a professional stocktaking service.

Stocktaking is an arduous, but essential task. As soon as most owners, directors, managers and staff hear the word ‘stocktaking’, they recall the hours of counting, listing stock, plus the drudgery of endless collating and compiling of figures.

We offer physical stocktaking, stock valuations, handovers and end of year or quarterly audits catered to all small to medium size businesses. We provide a very personal service and tailor it to suit the needs of individual client requirements.

Prior to conducting a stocktake we arrange to speak to all parties concerned to explain and agree the manner in which the service is to be conducted and to agree our fee. The charges for our stocktaking services are most competitive and realistic.

Annual/Interim Stocktakes

Most business owners know that without keeping a regular check on stock figures, they will be unable to detect losses, such as staff pilferage or shoplifting. Without this deterrent, these losses will accumulate and increase each year, thereby causing serious problems to their cash flow and continued profitability ttherefore stocktakes are vitally important to your business.

Also by guessing your stock-level at the financial year-end it could lead to inaccurate profit margins, leading to possible overpayment of income tax, or even affecting the true value of your business.

Please contact us for a free consultation to discuss any specific stocktaking requirements you may need for your business and to find out how little this costs.