Software Selection & Training

Upgrading or purchasing new accounting and other administrative software for your business can be a time-consuming and intimidating proposition. Having a partner who is knowledgeable not only about current software capabilities but about your business can make all the difference. We at Tayler Morgan takes a tailored approach to align the technology you need with your processes and your people. We can help you navigate through the confusing decision-making process from beginning to end. Starting at the point of sale, we provide a buffer between you and the software salesman to help you choose between the “must have” functionality versus the “nice to have” features. The process continues all the way through to the staff training. We are also available to provide on-going support as your company grows.

Is it time to upgrade your accounting system?

• Do you manage tasks in separate systems – manually, excel and accounting software?
• Do you wish your departments were able to communicate easily and share information?
• Are you intrigued by business owners that conduct business from their smartphone?

Software selection, training and management services we provide:


1. Analyze your existing system
– what do you like about your current software?
– what you do not like about your current software?
– what is your current software missing?

2. Assess your needs
– conduct interviews with your key staff members
– what additional functionality is needed?
– does it need to interact with other software packages or equipment?

3. Assist you in prioritizing your needs
– rank information gathered objectively
– create a prioritized “wish list”

4. Research your options
– check into software companies and packages suitable for your industry
– learn more about the “add on” features available for each software

5. Request additional information
– contact software companies for specific data and/or demo packages
– narrow list to three packages based on “wish list”
– follow up on references provided by software company

6. Test drive the software
– invite software companies to demonstrate their products in more detail including setup, workflow, and reporting
– ask questions about support and annual fees
– learn more about the software company’s plans for future improvements to the software


1. Guide your internal team through the process
2. Identify barriers to successful implementation
3. Improve your staff’s overall preparedness for the transition


1. Help train all departments or only key staff members through group, individual or train-the-trainer sessions
2. Create customized manuals for use in your specific operation
On-going support:
1. Available to provide additional training due to employee turnover
2. Assist with one-time projects as needed
3. Telephone and web support available for quick questions

Case Study


A small business had grown to the point where its antiquated accounting system no longer provided the information they needed to compete in their industry. They needed a more efficient system.


We met with the prospective new client to determine the full extent of their needs. After completing a needs assessment, we were engaged to provide the following solutions:

• Restructure the company’s Chart of Accounts
• Set the client up on an industry-specific accounting software
• Train the staff on the new software, in addition to managing their accounts payable and accounts receivable
• Document procedures and processes to ensure proper training in the event of turnover.


• At first, the employees were uncomfortable with the change, because they assumed the process would be painful. As the project manager, we set realistic goals and created a flexible schedule for training. In the end, the employees were thankful for our services because we increased their productivity and provided them with the training they needed to properly perform their job responsibilities.
• We were able to increase efficiency by automating many of the tasks previously performed by hand.
• We improved the workflow process, allowing the manager to focus more on the business instead of on the paperwork.
• We increased the employees’ confidence in the system by providing the training they needed to perform their job responsibilities.